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Wooden pendant Lamp

This wooden pendant lamp is the result of a study of standard size wooden laths, and the potential to construct sophisticated geometrical shapes. A form, that can be described as a torus intersected with an ellipse, was created by simple displacement of laths, both horizontally and vertically. This shape is in itself rigid, and there is no need for addicional structural elements.

The idea is to use Led-light strips attached to a thin metal structure. The lightsource is placed underneath the structure, directed upwards. The light will partly be reflected downwards, with even lighting, and at the same time litting up the ceiling in an ornamental pattern.
The lamp is suspended by thin metal cords where the idea is to be able to regulate the position of the lamp. You could, for instance, chose a slight diagonal position to direct the light according to the users wishes.

Material and production
This prototype is made by laths of bamboo, which is environmentally friendly. It could also be produced in other wooden materials or perhaps even local waste products from the sawmill industry, since the laths are small and all the same size.
Since this is still a prototype it has not yet been developed a marketing strategy for the product. This will also depend on a possible future producer of the lamp.

Experimenting with geometrical form to create patterns are inspired by traditional handcrafts, from knitting to ingenious systems of wooden buildery.

Prototype built

Ornamental lighting