We are a young, small and energetic architecture firm located in Hornnes (Setesdal Valley), Norway.

Our main focus is quality in design and sustainability. We see architecture as part of a bigger situation where landscape plays a major role, being the forest and the mountains or the cities and the sea.

We build to leave this world a little better than we found it.



Our projects varies in scale, from feasibility studies to furniture design, passing through different types and sizes of buildings and programs.

We work in a BIM environment (3D Building Information Modelling) with advanced parametric tools (Rhino and Grasshopper). This enables us to handle big amounts of data and reduce it to shorter production time.

We make our own 3d visualizations. This ensures our clients that materials, proportions and objects are as we want them to be.



We work in different scales for each project, and analyze the projects interaction between these.

We start with a close conversation between the client and the wishes for the project and define the scope of it. We then start the searching for references and analysis of the site.

We produce models, 3d visualizations and plan illustrations to show our vision of the project. This, together with feedbacks from the client, creates a rich environment to develop a project where the client and us will be satisfied with.

Our prices varies from project to project, depending on the scale and the scope of it.



Erick Thomas Allende
Architect DPLG MNAL, studied in Chile and France and 13 years work experience in France, Switzerland and Norway.