Hornnes Hjelpefengsel

Resultatet av mulighetsstudiet til Hornnes Hjelpefengsel. Bygget ble oppført i 1862 og er et av de få bygg av sånne type som finnes igjen i Norge. Prosjektbeskrivelse ble laget av Hornnes Hjelpefengsels venner og THA Arkitekter. Heia for bygningsvern!

Lavvo Høgås

Skisseprosjekt for en ny lavvo ved Høgås Skianlegg, Evje og Hornnes kommune. Ideen var å bygge en fast konstruksjon som kunne sees som et lett element. Den tunge konstruksjonen åpner seg som en lett bølge for å vise inngangen og gir rom til aktivitetene.

Ladestasjoner i Setesdal
UiA Tank

Vanntank for akkumulering av fjernvarme ved UiA i Grimstad. Kledning i korrugert stålplater for å reflektere værets farger. Prosjektet er ikke realisert.

Hannevik terrasse, Kristiansand

The task was to renovate one of the houses of the famous german architect Thilo Schoder in Hannevik terrasse, Kristiansand, and build a garage to the owners. The existant garage was situated on the side of the house with few parking places and a steep entrance, difficult to acces in winter time. So we moved […]

3D Evje Torg

3D visualisering av det nye torget på Evje i Setesdal.

Swimming pool in St. Prex

The project is placed in relation to the existant sports hall, aligned with this building to the north. All the services related to the new swimming pool are placed in the first floor in an L form. This placement filters the relation between interior/exterior.We gave special attention to the passage between the 2 buildings. This […]

3D Evje Sentrum

Oppgaven var å 3D visualisere den nye sentrum i Evje, Setesdal.


In a very unused and steep terrain, a set of terraces create rooms to experience the surrounding landscape

Bibliothèque à Crassier
Basel Pavilion of Culture

The proposal represents the ability to investigate, discover and share, rather than passively being served the information you need as a visitor in Basel. In the creation of a frame for this activity we sought something apparently simple, somewhat hidden, that as one approaches reveals something more. The striving for simplicity was also important in […]

A roof in the backyard

A sunscreen and renovation of a backyard in Vålerenga, Oslo. A roof that works as a gathering place in summertime.


This mix of shelf and hanger was conceived as an open and light piece of furniture. The form was given by the circulation between bedrooms and living room. The place was very small so the shelf needed to be light and not massive, opening itself to the “public” zone of the appartment. Materials used: Norwegian […]