Lavvo Høgås

Skisseprosjekt for en ny lavvo ved Høgås Skianlegg, Evje og Hornnes kommune. Ideen var å bygge en fast konstruksjon som kunne sees som et lett element. Den tunge konstruksjonen åpner seg som en lett bølge for å vise inngangen og gir rom til aktivitetene.

Butikk STYLT
Hytte Los Molles 2.0

Norwegian version of the cabin in Los Molles, Chile. A simple cabin in the mountains to scape from the city and enjoy the norwegian fiords. The cabin was projected as an insulated massive wood unit with an usable floor area of 49,1m².

Shoeshelf 2

Laget i 15mm bjørkefinér. På samme måtte som første skohylla, den er delt i to: nederste del for skoene og øverste del for nøkler, sharf og små ting. Utfordringen nå, var å bygge selve skohylla på 2 forskjellige retninger, for å gi plass til sirkulasjonen i huset og for å ha nok plass til skolagring. […]


Made in 15mm plywood. We divided the shelf in two parts, the lower part for the shoes and the upper part for small things like keys, scarfs, wallet, etc. We thought this shoeshelf as a surprise and as beautiful element in the house entrance

Wardrobe door

We built this door thinking about children. They like to hide and see what is happening outside the wardrobe, so we make this situation part of the design.

La Isla street furniture

Project made in collaboration with furniture designer Gonzalo Scolari, for the workshop “Generative Furniture” held in Chile in october, 2013 by DUM-DUM Lab. The task was to generate an urban furniture based on parametric design. The Isle has different heights in order to let people use it in different ways: lay down, sit, kneel or […]


This mix of shelf and hanger was conceived as an open and light piece of furniture. The form was given by the circulation between bedrooms and living room. The place was very small so the shelf needed to be light and not massive, opening itself to the “public” zone of the appartment. Materials used: Norwegian […]

Wooden Shelf

A simple geometric form that gives the possibility of different configurations in the wall when putted together.

Wooden pendant Lamp

Form This wooden pendant lamp is the result of a study of standard size wooden laths, and the potential to construct sophisticated geometrical shapes. A form, that can be described as a torus intersected with an ellipse, was created by simple displacement of laths, both horizontally and vertically. This shape is in itself rigid, and […]