Leskur i Setesdal

Prosjektets motto LYSNING er en referanse til opplevelsen man har av en lysning i skogen. En massiv trekonstruksjon som er fylt av lys og er en del av det overveldende Setesdalslandskapet – fjell, skog, vann og himmel. Lyspunktene er godt synlige og danner en sammenheng og rytme for alle trafikanter som er på veg opp […]

Swimming pool in St. Prex

The project is placed in relation to the existant sports hall, aligned with this building to the north. All the services related to the new swimming pool are placed in the first floor in an L form. This placement filters the relation between interior/exterior.We gave special attention to the passage between the 2 buildings. This […]

Bibliothèque à Crassier
Basel Pavilion of Culture

The proposal represents the ability to investigate, discover and share, rather than passively being served the information you need as a visitor in Basel. In the creation of a frame for this activity we sought something apparently simple, somewhat hidden, that as one approaches reveals something more. The striving for simplicity was also important in […]

La Isla street furniture

Project made in collaboration with furniture designer Gonzalo Scolari, for the workshop “Generative Furniture” held in Chile in october, 2013 by DUM-DUM Lab. The task was to generate an urban furniture based on parametric design. The Isle has different heights in order to let people use it in different ways: lay down, sit, kneel or […]