Ladestasjoner i Setesdal
Hannevik terrasse, Kristiansand

The task was to renovate one of the houses of the famous german architect Thilo Schoder in Hannevik terrasse, Kristiansand, and build a garage to the owners. The existant garage was situated on the side of the house with few parking places and a steep entrance, difficult to acces in winter time. So we moved […]

Hytteutvidelse, Son i Vestby

Extension and facade change for a small cabin in Son, Vestby kommune. Subtle changes were made in the organisation of the rooms and windows sizes to make the light and landscape come inside were needed.

3D Visualisering Evje Torg

3D visualisering av det nye torget på Evje i Setesdal.

Kraftverk Byglandsfjord

Mulighetsstudie for en kraftverk ved Byglandsfjord dam. Bygget er ment som et monument til jordens energi, med farger som endrer for å vise mengden av vannets skapet energi.

Hytte Los Molles 2.0

Norwegian version of the cabin in Los Molles, Chile. A simple cabin in the mountains to scape from the city and enjoy the norwegian fiords. The cabin was projected as an insulated massive wood unit with an usable floor area of 49,1m².


Studieprosjekt for en hytte ved Byglansfjord, Setesdal.


In a very unused and steep terrain, a set of terraces create rooms to experience the surrounding landscape

Cabin in Senum

Cabin extension in front of the Otra river. The intention was to keep the image and the form of the existing cabin, while having a modern layout. The placement of the extension creates a new entrance in between the cabins by one side, and a protected space for the summer activities.


Made in 15mm plywood. We divided the shelf in two parts, the lower part for the shoes and the upper part for small things like keys, scarfs, wallet, etc. We thought this shoeshelf as a surprise and as beautiful element in the house entrance

A roof in the backyard

A sunscreen and renovation of a backyard in Vålerenga, Oslo. A roof that works as a gathering place in summertime.


This mix of shelf and hanger was conceived as an open and light piece of furniture. The form was given by the circulation between bedrooms and living room. The place was very small so the shelf needed to be light and not massive, opening itself to the “public” zone of the appartment. Materials used: Norwegian […]