Basel Pavilion of Culture

The proposal represents the ability to investigate, discover and share, rather than passively being served the information you need as a visitor in Basel.

In the creation of a frame for this activity we sought something apparently simple, somewhat hidden, that as one approaches reveals something more.

The striving for simplicity was also important in a complex site, both in shapes and levels. The trees on the chosen spot is of a great value, and are kept where possible. They were also an inspiration for the structure and rhythm of the building. The experience of a natural roof of leaves was sought recreated in the use of a connected vaulted ceiling, supported by columns.

The main area consists of 8 squares of 6×6 m, generated by the vaults. 4 of these are dedicated to a large, flexible space for exhibitions or whatever event organized. At the entrance you find a combined reception and a cafe/bar with immediate access to storage, wardrobes and toilets. Interactive screens are spread out as a facility for visitors to search for information or leave tips and traces of their own discoveries. Technical installations and additional storage are placed in the basement.

The roof consists of a double layered surface, where the upper layer is an inverted version of the lower. The space created between the two roof surfaces serves for ventilation, electricity and other technical installations. The shape of the roof functions as collector of rainwater which is lead down to the technical area.


Main floor
1. Vestibule 46 m²
2. Exhibition/ presentation 165 m²
3. Information/ Exhibition 40 m²
4. Reception/ Café 39 m²
5. Toilet / Wardrobes 37 m²

6. Technical area/ storage 75 m²

Total area 403 m²